I grew up playing in the woods and nothing makes my senses swirl more than the sound of swaying pines. I'm in constant search for the best iced vanilla latte and could eat chocolate after every meal. I love Jesus, summers on the lake wakeboarding, JT jams, exploring new places, rolling with the windows down, and soccer. I've seen OTH and FNL more times than I can count and usually edit to those or The Office. Great music: the songs you can fist pump too - or the ones with lyrics that describe your feelings better than you can, is good for the soul and so is getting lost is other's stories.

My husband and I met in college and stayed up all night talking at a bonfire. I wore flip flops that literally melted to the side of the fire pit. I knew the rest was history, after willingly ruining my favorite pair of flip flops. We have two beautiful kids named Eden and Asher who give us So. Much. Joy. We also love renovating spaces and wish we could kick it with Chip and Joanna. Our backup life plan is to sell our things, move on the water and open a wakeboard school. Or live in a van down by the river.