When I sat down with Alex and Colette a year ago I immediately knew I wanted to tell their beautiful story. They wanted to create an environment for two very different families to have an amazing time and celebrate each of their cultures. Little did they know they would be celebrating in the midst of the pandemic, and after the horrific events that happened miles from their ceremony spot. Their day was not only beautiful, modern, simple, timeless - but also powerful, impactful, redemptive and so special. As we walked around a broken down Minneapolis, signs of the protests and pandemic were everywhere. It was almost as if they were a real life display of beauty from ashes. As we headed down the streets, bus drivers, walkers and anyone out on the streets would cheer, honk and yell praises. I've never seen anything like it. It felt like everyone. I mean everyone, loved witnessing these guys - like a sign of hope. The Lumber Exchange did a great job creating a timeless space and AC Hotel Minneapolis by Marriott was the perfect get ready spot. These two are so fun and I hope their marriage is sweet and filled with knowing how powerful and beautiful of a couple they are. Thanks for letting myself, and my associates Ben and Cordelia Haugen be apart of it.