I love this family. Serious understatement. I met them years ago and have gotten to tell their beautiful story time and time again. I've gotten to capture 3 beautiful baby bumps, snuggle 3 sweet newborns, and weep over the loss of their oldest child, Leo. Every year we've seemed to capture the mix of joy, parent life, and the twinge of pain that always exists when one of your babies lives in heaven. The sweetest part about our recent time together was that glorious, green sun-flare light - and how the first thought I had while I was editing was how I felt like it was from Leo. You see, when he was born, one of the nicknames or pet animals they had for him was a turtle. It might have been an insignificantly small moment, or coincidence - but it felt significant to me. They also have unknowingly convinced me that the joy I feel in getting to see repeating clients over the years is worth adding family sessions to my regular workflow :-).